FAQs: Speakers

This page collects some frequently asked questions (and basic information) for DHOxSS Speakers.


What benefits do speakers get?


  • There is no financial remuneration provided for any speaker

  • You will get the undying thanks of the DHOxSS Organisational Committee, and are thanked by name in the DHOxSS closing slides

  • A DHOxSS participant pack and materials

  • An invitation to the DHOxSS Welcome Drinks and Poster Session

  • An invitation to a walking tour of Oxford (if you are not from Oxford)

  • An invitation to the annual TORCH DH lecture

  • Lunch each day you are speaking (or workshop organisers tell DHOxSS administration you are participating in the workshop)

  • Attendance at any non-workshop additional keynote or parallel lecture (if there is space, check with organisers)

  • Travel expenses can be provided for those from outside Oxford (pre-agreed and with receipts)

  • Accommodation can be provided for some speakers from outside Oxford

  • DHOxSS speakers can not, by default, visit other workshops that they aren't speaking on without the express permission of the workshop organiser. (If you want to, just ask the workshop organiser.)


Will my talk be recorded?


DHOxSS aims to record its opening and closing keynote lectures and the additional lectures. It does not record lectures given as part of a workshop.


What software will be available for those listening to my talk?


Workshops requiring participants to undertake practical exercises will be using their own laptops or laptops provided by DHOxSS - so instructions for the installation of particular software must be given to the workshop organiser long before the start of the Summer School.


Will there be a data projector, screen, and presenter's laptop for my talk?


Yes. Each location will have a data projector, screen, and laptop for presenter use. 


Can I use my own my own laptop to present?


Yes. But do test that everything you need works, that you have any special dongles or adaptors, and that it is charged up or plugged in. If you have any special requirements, let events@oerc.ox.ac.uk know.


How long should I talk for?


If you are giving an additional lecture then the timeslot is 1 hour. However, this includes questions so you may wish to aim for 45 minutes. If you are talking in a workshop, then this is up to your workshop convenor.


What is the level of the audience?


DHOxSS attracts all levels of people interested in Digital Humanities. The majority of participants tend to be doctoral students or early career researchers, however the full range from early postgraduates to full professors is represented, as well as those from outside an academic context. If you are speaking on a workshop, discuss with your workshop organiser what the participants will have learned prior to your talk. If you are giving a keynote or additional lecture, aim for a general DH audience.


Do I have to book my own accommodation?


If you are a speaker and DHOxSS is providing you with accommodation, we'd prefer you let the Events team (events@oerc.ox.ac.uk) do that for you. We'll provide you with single ensuite accommodation for the length of the summer school. They, or your workshop organiser, may contact you to clarify or confirm this booking. If they haven't and you have any questions, please email the Events team.


Do I have to book my own travel?


You may book your own economy travel, this is easier in general. If you are having problems or difficulties in booking your travel please contact events@oerc.ox.ac.uk before doing so. Just make sure to keep receipts so that we can reimburse you for it, and inform your workshop organiser and the events team of the costs as soon as you know them.


I have another question?!

Please email either your workshop organiser or events@oerc.ox.ac.uk with any other questions.

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