FAQs: Participants

What is a 'Participant'? 


We use the term 'participant' to refer to those attending DHOxSS who are not speakers. We don't use the word 'student' since DHOxSS participants come from all parts of the career hierarchy. 


When will registration open?  


Registration will open at the end of March.


When will registration close?  

Registration will close at noon on Thursday 25th June (or earlier if places are completely booked up).


How do I register? 


Registration is via cvent. Follow the instructions on the registration page. You can pay by debit/credit card.


How much does registration cost? 


See our Registration page for this information.


Are there discounts available? 


The fees are already discounted for Academic/Education/NFP and Students.


Are there bursaries available? 


DHOxSS 2020 has a very limited number of bursaries. See the Bursaries page for more information.


Will I get a certificate? 


Yes, you will be issued a certificate listing your strand.


Will I be able to get a space on the strand I want? 


All of the strands will have set maximum numbers. If a particular strand sells out we will set up a waiting list for that strand. Book early to avoid disappointment.


Can the DHOxSS events team reserve me a place on the strand (while I find out if I can get funding, etc.)? 


No. This would not be fair on other potential participants.


Can you tell me if the strand I want is filling up? 


We will post notices on the strand pages noting whether they are full, filling up quickly, or have spaces left.


Can I book accommodation when I register?  


Single ensuite rooms are available at Keble College and can be booked at the time of registration.  Accommodation is available on a first come, first served basis.


Do I have to book accommodation separately? 


Booking accommodation is optional and is not part of the registration fee. If you need accommodation, you may book it with us (at the time of registration) or you can choose to book your accommodation separately yourself in other colleges or hotels.


How much does DHOxSS accommodation cost? 


Please see our Registration page for this information


Am I guaranteed accommodation?


No. There is a limited amount of accommodation at Keble College. We encourage you to book early to ensure your strand choice and accommodation. 


Can I book something other than a single ensuite room? 


Only single ensuite rooms are available.  If you have other needs you may wish to book your accommodation separately. (See below.)

Where else can I stay? 


For those who wish to book different accommodation, you are responsible for booking your own accommodation. The DHOxSS events staff are not able to help you with this. Other sources for accommodation information in Oxford include the Oxford Rooms and DailyInfo websites - see our Accommodation page.


Is there childcare at DHOxSS? 


DHOxSS itself is unable to provide childcare.


Social Events


What are the social events?


There are social events most evenings during the Summer School. For full information see our Evening events page. Some are at additional cost. You can book the events when you register.


Which social events are included in the registration fee?


The welcome drinks reception and TORCH lecture are free to attend. 


Can I come to an event I did not register for when booking? 


Some events may be sold out. Please contact events@oerc.ox.ac.uk to check.




 Where are the teaching locations?  


All strands will be taught at Keble College in the centre of Oxford.


How do I get to Oxford? 


Please see our Travel Information page.


Can I get a parking space at one of the venues? 


There is no parking available at Keble College. If you need parking please consult the following webpage: http://www.oxford.gov.uk/PageRender/decTS/Car_Parks_occw.htm 


Can I get a weekly bus pass? 


While most participants will not need to take the bus to get between locations, if you want a weekly bus pass the Oxford Bus Company does do a weekly 'Key' smartcard but this should be arranged in advance with them.


Can I rent a bicycle? 

For those looking to hire bicycles, you may do so from Bainton Bikes amongst other rental agencies.

For full information on travel, see our Travel Information page.





Where can I find information on each strand? 


Please see the individual strand pages.


Is my strand full? 


Each individual strand page will indicate if it is full, filling up, or has space available.


Do I need a laptop for my strand? 


See the individual strand pages.

Can I change strand part-way through the week? 


This is strongly discouraged. Any participants wishing to change strand may do so only by applying for permission to the DHOxSS administration at events@oerc.ox.ac.uk. Strand changes made after registration will incur an administration charge.


Additional sessions


Where can I find information on the additional sessions? 


Please see the Lectures page. Information will be posted here when it is available.


Are there recordings from previous years? 

Yes. Please see: http://podcasts.ox.ac.uk/series/digital-humanities-oxford-summer-school for the recordings for the last couple of years. 


Other questions?


Please email events@oerc.ox.ac.uk and we will be happy to answer any other questions you have.

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